Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Nutcracker Tea"

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I were having our tea. I was busy helping Wesley with his snack, when I became somewhat aware of a conversation Connor and Korinne were having. I looked over and saw Connor holding his teabag saying, "It's wood". I said, "No, Connor it's not wood, it's tea leaves." He looked puzzled, I guess it does kind of look like wood...I go back to Wesley's snack. I'm half listening to Korinne and Connor again. He turns to his sister and says for the second time, "It's wood, they chop up all the nutcrackers and put them in these bags, and you get Nutcracker Tea". Korinne, Kylie, and I all laugh. "No, Bub, it's tea leaves. They just call it Nutcracker Tea because it is only out for the Christmas Holiday, and there is a Nutcracker on the box to make it look festive." Connor looks even more confused..."That's dumb. What are tea leaves?"