Monday, September 8, 2008

connor's collection

We were in a mad dash to get school going this morning, and for some reason, I HAD to have the boys' room clean beforehand. I WAS ON A MISSION. I ended taking all of Connor's beloved "collection" downstairs. I told him, "Go through it and we are only keeping the important stuff!" Well, we only ended up throwing away a used tissue, gross I know. And used pieces of tape, again, I don't know why he keeps the things he does.

The contents of his "Reds Box" are as follows:

1.A used Homemade Brand, Mr.Redlegs Sundae flavored ice cream container, aka his "Reds Box" holds all the other contents listed:
2.a packet on how to increase your PT score from Daddy
3.a Reds sticker from Mamaw and Papaw
4.a picture of a seahorse out of a hand soap bottle
5.the address label from the matchbox Nana and Grandpa sent him (Kylie just threw the matchbox away was quite the ordeal) that he's received from all kinds of folks since we've been here in AR
7.his ongoing Christmas List
8.about 10 cards that resemble credit cards (and Brian's OSU ID from Fall 1996)
9.three U.S. Army patches that you sew on your uniform
10.a bracelet from the Zoo trip Aunt Rikki took him on
11.two bookmarks, a Superheroes one from the library, and a yellow fish one he made
12.a broken, blue foam sunvisor he made on our trip down here in June
13.a picture of a fish aquarium that Korinne drew him
14.a bunch of green construction paper dollars (he's obsessed with money and coins)
15.two flat, wooden jets he and TJ colored with markers months and months ago
16.a rock
17.broken sunglasses
18.a newspaper picture of Papaw running the chains at Goshen's first home football game this year
19.a clothespin
20.Five IBC rootbeer caps from Grandpa Gale, I think he's lost a few
21.a pencil
22.a pen
23.a used birthday cake candle from his 6th B'Day
24.a toy Army guy (Daddy)
25.a picture of him asleep with his brother, TJ (who has his arm around him because they had watched Ghostbusters and Connor was scared)
26.a homemade card from his cousin, Joey old, wetted then dried, smashed toilet paper roll (it looks like a treasure map, like on Goonies) empty baggie
29.a picture of a shark his sister, Kylie drew him old, lit match (he calls it a bullet)
31.two empty wallets, a camo one from Grandma Dutchie and a Picture of Cars one from Mamaw and Papaw
32.a picture of Kylie at age 2 with Buddy Boy as a puppy
33.a Jeff Bagwell baseball card empty plastic picture holder that you put in a wallet
35.his new sunglasses from Mamaw and Papaw

I bet you don't have a "collection" that would even compare!!!