Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daybook Entry, February 17, 2009

FOR TODAY...Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW...It was a chilly, blustery, late winter day.

I AM THINKING...about how exciting it will be to get all our new homeschool materials this week. We're starting a brand new Math program called MathUSee and a brand new English program by Rod&Staff.

FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS...the last bit of study on King Solomon and kangaroos.

I AM THANKFUL FOR...Brian's wonderful job that gives him time off to take care of his family when we need to take a 5 hour round trip to Little Rock to see a pediatric neurosurgeon.

FROM THE KITCHEN...We all 8 got a stomach bug over the weekend, so it's been bland, bland, bland here. I'm looking forward to a grocery trip and some real meals later this week!

I AM WEARING...My red nightgown, snowflake jammy pants, Santa socks and my red crocs. I look pretty!

I AM READING...My MFW Kindergarten Teacher's Manual

I AM HOPING...My first trimester goes smoothly with NO morning sickness or fatigue. So far, so good!

I AM CREATING...I finally just finished our Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System...we have 7 verses in there already!

I AM HEARING...Train whistles and Brian flipping through his Evangelism 101 book.

AROUND THE HOUSE...you will not believe this, but I did 12 loads of laundry yesterday. I had to wash EVERYONE'S bed clothes due to our stomach bug. Now all I have left to do is about 4 - 5 loads of all those wonderful, cozy blankets that hang out in our family room...how we miss our blankets :(

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS...Is telling Brian we're having a baby. He never knows whether or not to believe me, it usually takes 10 - 15 minutes of my great big smiles and outright giddiness to convince him.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK...hmmm...getting back into our normal routine. Brian has been off since Thursday, we all had the sickies, we missed church, we took our L-O-N-G trip to Little Rock today...


Kylie is doing an "iceberg" activity with the boys for their "Pp" Penguin Kindergarten unit study...Wesley saw me get the camera out :)