Monday, April 13, 2009

Daybook Entry, April 13th

FOR TODAY...Monday, April 13, 2009

OUTSIDE MY a cold, blustery, and wet day. It rained all day yesterday, and we're just dealing with all the leftovers now.

I AM THINKING...about my OB appointment tomorrow, wondering if they will be able to tell if the baby is a boy or girl, and if they can, if I will be able to resist finding out...

FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS...We just do bible memory verses, hymns, and math on Mondays since we will be starting Monday School with our Co-op soon.

I AM THANKFUL FOR...easily pleased makes life sooo much happier and easier when just some old fashioned, PAAS egg dye, some spray paint for old baskets, and a few candy treats make my kiddos smile!

FROM THE KITCHEN...We have lots of Easter Dinner leftovers to eat, I think I'll make Chicken Tetrazinni for dinner tonight.

I AM lime green capri pants, a blue maternity tee and green and blue flip-flops.

I AM READING...Love and Respect with Brian, Ecclesiastes in my bible, and I'm thinking about re-reading Passionate Housewives again (I need a SAHM pep-talk).

I AM HOPING...Brian can get Ben's health insurance issues taken care of at work today...we've had such a round and round, hard time getting that baby "squared away".

I AM life.

I AM PRAYING...for direction.

AROUND THE HOUSE...I have a little more laundry than usual...Mimi has created lots for me. We think she was becoming a very unhappy housecat as the weather was warming up outside. She is now enjoying life as an outside kitty again. We have been putting her up in her Kitty House Grandpa Gale bought her at night to keep her safe from all the coyotes.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE sleeping on just washed bed sheets!

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK...My OB appt tomorrow, the girls have Observation Week in Ballet...Brian is going to go since he will be out of town for their recital, and finally, finally back to Creation to the Greeks in school...Week 29 here we come!


Wessy Ray-Ray getting his 1st big boy haircut at the Old Milford Barber Shop while we were home in Cincinnati last week.