Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daybook Entry, September 21st

FOR TODAY...Monday, September 21, 2009

Outside my window...sunshine and falling leaves :)

I am to schedule school when Judah arrives, I think we will take a 2 week break in order to not set myself up for failure, what would you do?

I am thankful for...a good church that teaches from scripture.

From the learning rooms...lots of Proverbs in 1st, Latin roots and discovering how the bible came to be, and Roman history.

From the kitchen...oatmeal for breakfast, sandwhiches for lunch, Italian Goulash for dinner.

I am wearing...jean shorts and a red tee.

I am creating...a clean and tidy place to bring our newborn son home to...nesting big time here!

I am call the neighborhood elementary school soon to see what time Connor's Cub Scouts meeting is tonight, but Brian is going with him.

I am reading...On the Banks of Plum Creek, The Mission of Motherhood, Honey for a Child's Heart (the beginning section).

I am hoping...Brian will be sticking close to home the next few weeks.

I am hearing...TJ and Wesley playing rather loudly, Connor's math video, CWL trucks outside (we think they're putting the electric underground...the boys couldn't believe they "colored" on the road and yard with spray paint :)

Around the house...preparing for baby...we need to get the bassinet and baby swing down out of the attic and cleaned, and I need to locate the newborn clothes and get them all washed and put in the drawer I cleared out of my dresser for Jude.

One of my favorite things...Pumpkiny-cinnamony-smelly good candles...the girls and I bought Febreeze's new one this weekend, and it smells SOOO good!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ballet, Cub Scouts, Youth Group

Here is picture for thought I am of my favorites of the boys from last fall.