Friday, September 25, 2009

Heard Around Home, September 2009

"I can still feel Baby Judah's kick on my hand" ... a smiling Korinne, age 9, as I'm tucking her into bed 6 hours after she felt the baby kick.

"fifers of mem, faaah oooh meee" ... a singing Wesley, age 2, as we do our Wee Sing Bible Songs in the morning.

"Does Santa Claus land on the ground first, so his reindeer can eat the sparkly oatmeal, and then go up on the roof?" ... a curious TJ, age 4, as we're eating breakfast this morning.

"Mom, I was wondering whether or not Grandma Dutchie took typing, and then I remembered, duh, they didn't have computers back then" ... Kylie, age 12, as she checks my email from my 70 year old grandma who recently got "plugged in".

"Does Santa Claus live in a wooden house?" ... a getting more curious TJ, age 4, as we're still eating breakfast.

"Hey Mom, did ya know they were putting Obama on the Two Hundred Dollar Bill?" ... Connor, age 7, who is strangely intrigued with coins and money.

"No, where'd ya hear that?" ... his somewhat confused/concerned mother, age 31

"Nowhere, but he's the president, so he needs put on a dollar" ... a rather matter-of-fact beyond his years Connor, age 7

"No they're not...only good people get put on a dollar" ... a completely trusting little girl, Korinne, age 9, who has overheard her politically-minded, military-sergeant father one too many times.

"Ra - er" ... Benjamin, age 16 months, asking for a cracker

"I'm writing down all the dot coms, Hank dot com is on there, so in case when me and TJ move out of the house and go to a different library and they don't have Hanks, we'll remember about Hank dot com and we can go on to listen there" ... Connor, age 7, who listens to Hank The Cowdog quite frequently on audiobook.

"Mom, may I please iron something? It's fabric and it's crumbly" ... a very domestic for her age and generation Kylie, age 12, who has evidently never ironed wrinkles out of fabric.

"Does Santa Claus live on frozen water?" ... TJ, age 4, a constant companion of Connor, age 7, who figured out "strange bunnies don't just hop into your house and leave you a basket of candy" much sooner than his older sisters did (like the same year :)...we reminded Connor that TJ is only 4 and needs to figure some things out on his own, even though he has a very smart big brother who can just save him the trouble...