Monday, October 5, 2009

Daybook Entry, October 5th

FOR TODAY...Monday, October 5, 2009

I AM wonderful it is to have a hubby who will take all our children to the pediatrician's office (at one time) to get their Flu Shots...brave man

I AM THANKFUL girlfriend, Edie, who just called and gave me a pep talk.

I AM neon, watermelon outfit (that's what Brian calls it:)

I AM REMEMBERING...random things about my Grandma Faye lately (the smell of her drinking glasses, the feel of the blankets on the bed my sister and I would sleep in, the sound of her dishwasher at night, the red carpet at her house in Milford, her China pattern, blue glass things, her tiny, little Orange Tree Plant Thingy... I need to write them all down in a nice letter and let her know what a good Grandma she is.

I AM the hospital tomorrow to have a baby :)

I AM READING...A Pocket Full of Pinecones by Karen Andreola (I love her books)

I AM HOPING...I remember to pack all the necessities in our hospital bag, I'd forgotten a few things, and Brian has to run out to WalMart tonight and grab them

ON MY MIND...Judah Wayne Bailey

FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS...easy, basic and simple for the next few weeks

NOTICING THAT...just the drop in temperature makes the house seem more cozy, even Brian and Korinne have commented on it

PONDERING THESE WORDS...he's got the whole world, in his hands...

FROM THE KITCHEN...Brian has a pot of RedBeans and Rice going, smells YUMMY!

AROUND THE HOUSE...the house is sooo tidy...thanks to the entire family...winter clothes are out, summer clothes are packed away, floors are clean, laundry is done, bathrooms are sparkly, and on top of all that, we had to completely rearrange the family room so the cable TV could be hooked up (yes, we gave in, we could not get anything with the rabbit ears and converter box:)

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS...tiny, little baby clothes that you know will still just "swallow" your new little one