Thursday, November 19, 2009

children's book monday: november

We checked out this book from the library last week, just read it today, and I have to share.

Maybe it's still postpartum hormones, maybe it's knowing we're not going home this year, maybe it's just that I do love November, and all it means.

I got a small lump in my throat and quiet tears in my eyes by the end of this book. I am so blessed to see the beauty fall turning to winter brings, and I am so blessed to have my sweet children to read to and share this special time of year.

This page struck me, mostly because I've always thought of bare trees as lonesome, ugly, and tired...this page reads, "they are lovely...spreading their arms like dancers..." So much nicer.

Cardinals ALWAYS remind me of home, we always had so many visit our little yard on Whippoorwill Hollow each winter. thanks for blessings like food and babies in arms...
In November by Cynthia on my Family Library Wishlist