Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heard Around Home, November 2009

"Momma, where's my nother baby?" Wesley, age 2, looking for Baby Judah (Boo Boo is STILL his baby)

"If I plant this, will it grow a Elmo?" TJ, age 4 (at the time) asking about the sesame seed on his hamburger bun

"Yes, and he wouldn't let go," Kylie, age 12, who had had a dream about her Papaw, who is in Heaven with Jesus, when I asked her if she hugged him

"I don't know what to do...I've been following Kylie all my life, and I just found out she's a nerd!" Korinne, age 9

"Will you go under there and tickle mine? I'll take my slippers off." Connor, age 7, talking to Korinne, who was under the kitchen table tickling Benjamin's toes

"I not a big boy!" Wesley, age 2, insisting he can still have his Pappy

"Why did God give crabs pinchers, they hurt!" TJ, age 4 (at the time)

"Ya." Ben, age 17 months, whenever his answer is "YES"

"OW, Kylie! You just elbowed me with your knee!" Korinne, age 9

"Can I pet him?" TJ, age 4 (at the time), asking to caress his sweet newborn baby brother's head

"Don't worry "Teej" old men don't go to jail..." Connor, age 7, to TJ, age 5, who was upset that Scooby and The Gang had unmasked an older gentleman and were turning him over to the authorities

"Do not fight. Do not cheat. Wash your hands before you eat..." Kylie, age 12, answering her Daddy's question during Family Worship one night of "Why did God send Jonah to Nineveh"...she was lucky, even he chuckled