Tuesday, January 26, 2010

children's book monday: h is for honor

Our book this week is H is for Honor by Devin Scillian, Illustrated by Victor Juhasz...another Military Brat must (this is a library copy, but it's definitely on our Amazon Wishlist)

"Using the alphabet format, this picture book describes the many situations and experiences that militarty families, especially their children encounter. For example history, rank, and quarters are explained." - the publisher

The author takes you through the entire alpahbet, and writes a little about each letter. A is for Army and Air Force too (but Army first:). D is for drill sergeant. F is for families who wait for their return. I is for initials...R and R, T.D.Y., M.R.E. (and if wife wants to understand husband, you must learn them too:). O is for orders (wish we'd get some for Hawaii), and S stands for sacrifice.

"Not everyone hears it. It's just a few. But there's no denying it once you do. When your country calls, you do your part. So H is for honor in the American heart." - from the book

You could not fully understand these statements, until you are a wife or child of someone who heard the call in their heart. It is true. There is no denying it.

K is for kiss. I know, so sappy. I have wanted a copy of Eisenstaedt's photo to hang in our home for years now. This page makes the kids giggle. Connor and Korinne are so romantic...

L is for letters. You must write them...draw them. Even in a time when there is Facebook, Blogger and cell phones that work anywhere. You still send handwritten letters, crayoned pictures, and homemade "eyes of God"...
Y is for the reason. The reason is you.

Z is for Zulu, or rather, Zulu is for Z. One of the coolest things about the military (to just learning little boys anyway) is that they have their own alphabet!