Tuesday, January 19, 2010

children's book monday: the relatives came

The Relatives Came
By Cynthia Rylant, Illustrated by Stephen Gammell

Another Rylant, I know...but I haven't found one of her's I dislike. We love this one. It's about family coming to visit. Which happens often here.

With my family, you know they're coming...the horn honking is a dead give away. Brian's parents arrive much quieter. But there's always a mad dash to the door, lots of screaming, kisses and hugs.

Where does everyone sleep in our little 4 BR house when they come down? Wherever they can.

We always wave good-bye, we always cry, we always second guess our choice to be in the military. It's sad, but it's our life. This book is special to us, for that reason.