Monday, January 11, 2010

Daybook Entry, January 11th

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FOR TODAY...Monday, January 11, TwentyTen


I AM THINKING...about the future of our poor country and what it means to be a military family in these times

I AM THANKFUL FOR...the "Quiet Time" habit of our home

FROM THE SCHOOL ROOM...The Temptation of Jesus and His Death and Resurrection, adding Romans 12:2 in the Scripture Memory Box, we will finish Augustus Caesar's World this week, the sense of sight, the final chapters of Bronze Bow, Haydn's "Emperor", and hopefully a Winter Nature Walk

FROM THE KITCHEN...Brian is bringing home a Taco Soup recipe from a co-soldier, I'm going to make muffins here shortly for Tea Time (TJ has been requesting Banana Nut)

I AM WEARING...denim skirt, cream top

I AM READING...Job 3 and 4 and Racketty, Packetty House

I AM HOPING...the pantry holds out

I AM CREATING...a happy home

I AM GOING...we hope to get to church Wednesday evening

I AM HEARING...the furnace, Judah's swing, the dishwasher...but not Wesley...wait while I go check...all is well

AROUND THE HOUSE...some clean laundry to fold and put away. I did move the Big Boy's clothes around to make it more "kid-friendly", now Connor and TJ are able to put their own piles away. Connor also puts Wesley's away. It has helped tremendously.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS...good children's booklists...I found this one, and I'm requesting it from our little library soon after I finish up my daybook. I think my dream has shifted from writing stories to owning own "Shop Around the Corner", maybe? Yes!

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK...schooling, cleaning, loving babies, cooking, loving my husband, reading, laundry, a new time for me, schooling, cleaning, turning a little older, loving babies, cooking, loving my husband, reading, laundry, preaparing for ballet classes...


...our boys, the couch, and DK books...seen quite often around here :)...