Monday, January 4, 2010

Daybook Entry, January 4, 2010

FOR TODAY(which was yesterday:)... from Kathi's Daybook

Outside my window...snowflakes were falling as we walked out of church last snow today, but Brian informed us during lunch that it's coming !!!

I am thinking...that I have waaay too many gray hairs for almost 32

I am thankful for...not being too concerned about my gray hair

I am shirt, denim skirt, black tights, black slippers (I inserted today's outfit, because, quite frankly, yesterday's was S-C-A-R-Y:)

I am surprise 30th birthday party that Brian and the kids put on almost 2 years ago...I think it was snowing then...

I am going...nowhere tonight...the girls are still on Winter Break from things are still pretty calm around, it may snow :)

I am currently reading...Shepherding a Child's Heart, The Bronze Bow, Mission of Motherhood, NKJV Bible, Pocketful of Pinecones, Cheaper By The Dozen, Snowflake Bentley, Nate the Great and the Snowy Trail, Winter Poems

I am hoping...for snow

Pondering these words...

In the falling snow
A laughing boy holds out his palms
Until they are white
- "Laughing Boy" by Richard Wright
...we miss playing in the snow :(

From the kitchen...Brian said he's making dinner tonight...I hope he remembers :) ...maybe potato soup...that's what my Mom made when it would snow...hmmm...was it grocery day on the days it snowed ???

Around the family's found, washed, dried, folded and seperated clothes are laughing at me from their piles !!!

One of my favorite things...snow

From my picture journal...
Sleeping Baby Judah (on snowflake sheets:)