Monday, February 15, 2010

daybook, february 15th

Outside my ugly, winter, snow-less, gray, cold day

From the learning school today, Brian is OFF for President's Day...we never get any schoolwork done when he is home

I am thankful for...another day

From the kitchen...pancakes for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, pork roast and mashed potatoes for dinner

I am red nightgown and my pink Susan Branch jammie pants and Brian's socks

I am reading...Caleb's Story

I am praying and hoping...the weather holds up, so the Boys can get OUTSIDE to play and get some ENERGY out!!!

I am creating...I made my own Valentine Treat Bags and Valentine's Cards for the KIDS, I was very proud of myself...too proud...I need to learn a CREATIVE SKILL...I'm officially taking up knitting (I think I may have already said that...a few months ago:)

I am hearing...Judah getting fussy, Bedtime Stories on DVD. We've been being serenaded by Korinne and her Recorder Playing for the last day. The girls and I are taking a Music Theory class at church, and she joined the little Recorder Group yesterday. She's pretty good!

Around the house...We made the Big Switch this weekend, so things are all discombobulated still. Former Dining Room is empty, our Bedroom is now the Learning Room/Dining Room, the Girls' Bedroom is now our Bedroom, the Spare Room is now the Girls' Bedroom. It's all much cozier, but we need a new Dining Room Table for the Dining Room. One that seats 9. No worries, my BELOVED KITCHEN TABLE will FOREVER remain in our home. It's the perfect size for a Learning Room Table. I need to find a Clear Tablecloth, so we can put our map of America back on it. We used a shower curtain before, and it just didn't work. I think I may find some way to adhere the map to the actual table-top too...

I am I used to watch Ice Skating with my Mom. Now the Girls and I are watching together. They love it as much as my Grandma, my Mom and I do. So sweet. Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE having Daughters to share my life with?

I am going...hopefully to the Library and WalMart soon. Boo is wearing Jude's diappies...YES, I am that Mom who forgets to put things like DIAPERS on the Grocery List.

On my mind...Romance. Is there an inappropriate age for it? To love someone is good, right? My children see Brian and I KISS, and HUG, and KISS, and TOUCH, and HUG, and KISS, and LAUGH, and KISS, and TOUCH, and SMILE, and HOLD. I want my children to see this part of us. I want them to want that, and not SETTLE to be without it. It is so good to feel your heart beating fast and hard for your Beloved. If they don't KNOW this...if they are not exposed to this...if you don't show them it's will they respond when they FEEL it...because they will FEEL it.

Noticing that...permanent marker smell may be permanent

Pondering these words..."Take it to the Lord in prayer."

One of my favorite things...baskets

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...ballet, youth group, ballet, missions class, eye appts, ballet, dentist appts, church