Tuesday, March 2, 2010

children's book monday: "there are rocks in my socks!" said the ox to the fox

by: Patricia Thomas, Illustrated by: Mordicai Gerstein


This is a very old book. It was mine, that my Mom bought for me from the Weekly Reader Children's Book Club. It even has my name inscribed on the inside of the cover, in my Mother's beautiful handwriting. It says, "Kathy Wood." Because I changed the spelling of my (nick)name in Jr HighSchool.


My Mom even read this book to me. It was the only book she read to me. Because she is NOT a reader. BUT, my Mom read this book to me (and my little sister) many times. And she used a very funny voice for the bird. I can still hear her now...


"There Are Rocks In My Socks!" is about an Ox who has "Bumpy, lumpy, clumpy rocks" in his socks. He takes waaay too much advice from a FOX on how to remove the rocks from his socks, and gets into quite the predicament.

And then, a bird comes "Skippety...Hippety-Hopping" along, and shows him, very simply, how to remove the rocks from his socks.

Needless to say, the FOX, ends up with "Rocks on his head!"

A funny, entertaining story. But, I may be a little biased :)