Monday, March 22, 2010

children's book monday: hush little baby

Hush Little Baby
by: Sylvia Long

We checked out this Special Book on our Library visit Saturday. Sylvia Long is New to us, and I am so Happy we found her.

I have already read this Sweet Book aloud a few times. And again, this morning, I read it to my TJ as everyone else was busy playing or doing schoolwork. He then "read" it to me, as I Softly Sang along, and as we continued, he stopped "reading" and began to Hum with me.

Sylvia's Book is a completely new Version of Hush Little Baby. She states in her Introduction, "One of the songs that bothered me as an adult is the original version of "Hush Little Baby." Me too. Instead, Sylvia shares all new words that soothe Children with the things of Nature and the Comforts of having a Loving Mother.

Hush Little Baby is a Song of Hummingbirds (which remind me of my Mother and Grandmother), Evening Skies (which remind me of my own Children who love Sunsets and Sunrises), Bugs, Stars, Rocking Mommas who Read Books to you (NOTHING is more Heavenly than Rocking Babies), Quilts (Oh, how I LOVE Quilts), Teddy Bears, Banjos, and the Moon.

This is the Perfect Story to Read with your Child. Please don't miss the Chance to Share it with them.