Sunday, March 28, 2010

children's book monday: a quilt for baby

A Quilt for Baby

The title of this Book says it all, Quilts and Babies. Two things I absolutely LOVE. That is the reason I snatched it up at the library. But the Book itself tells a very soothing story about Family and Farm Life and HOME, and all the Comforts they can bring.

A Quilt for Baby is about a Mother who is sewing a Patchwork Quilt for her new, Little Baby. When she is through, the Quilt is to tell the Story of their Farm, and all the Animal Families who live there with them. What makes this Book even Sweeter, is that Mother "talks" with her Little One as she is sewing the quilt, and shares with Baby what each little Patchwork Square is about.

There is the Blue Patchwork Square for their old, stone Farmhouse, a Yellow one for their Sheep and Lambs and Ram, "with curling horns. He is the little lamb's father." and another Blue one for Floss (the soccer-playing Border Collie) and her Puppy, Sam. There's a Red square for their Cows and the little Calf who says, "Watch me run," as the Big Red Bull stands nearby, a Green one for their Mare and her little Foal, and another Red square for their Rooster, Hens and their Cheeping Chicks.

Then there's this little, yellow square for their Goose and her little Gosling that wonders, "Will I have wings like that?" ( and just look at the Laundry hanging on the line :)

A Purple Patchwork Square follows for the Nanny Goat and her Twin newborn Kids who are butting and nuzzling for their Mother's milk, and finally, a Brown one for their prowling Tom Cat, Mother Cat, and their sleeping Kitten.

When Mother is all finished, she wraps Baby Comfortably and Warmly, and tells the Story again, and how soon, Mother and Daddy and Baby will be walking the hills of their Farm together, because it is their Home.

And to make the Story even more Wonderful, the Illustrations are Beautifully done by the Author herself in Colored Pencil, with Inspiration from her own Farm and Family. Of A Quilt for Baby, Lewis says, "From an early age, I remember my mother quilting. It seemed natural to use the idea of the quilt as an heirloom for passing on my hopes and feelings for the farming way of life." Exactly. I must Learn to Quilt.