Monday, March 1, 2010

daybook, march 1st

Outside my Window...a little cloudy, around 40 degrees

From the learning rooms...Islam and Sinbad the Sailor, Lungs, Blood, lots of Maps to make up, Creation Story Review, Writing First through Seventh, NEW Math Books...I've never been asked, "Can I do Math now???" so many times in 4 days!

I am thankful for...good weather this past weekend

From the dishwasher is still broke, we bought a package of 5,000 paper plates at Sam's last week

I am wearing...gray yoga pants and black long sleeve tee

I am reading...Grandfather's Dance, the first chapter of James

I am praying...for my dear friends, the Smith family, who lost a Loved One

I am creating...a post about trusting God, I started it back in August, hopefully I can finish it this week.

I am hearing...the fan, Judah's bouncy seat, a car on the road

Around the house...lots of dusting and sweeping to do

I am remembering...our visit with my Mom, my Sister, and my 3 Nephews. It was so nice for the boys to GET OUTSIDE this weekend. Cincinnati has had unusual amounts of SNOW this Winter...due to Global Warming :) the Hardys were VERY ready to Play!!!

I am take Rinny to ballet in a little while

On my mind...the Gray areas of our Family Life. There are too many. I NEED Black or White. Not Gray.

Noticing that...Quiet Time is the quickest part of my day

Pondering these words..."Be *in* the world, not *of* the world!"

One of my favorite things...was having a dishwasher

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...copy...paste...ballet, youth group, ballet, missions class, ballet, cub scouts, ballet