Thursday, March 25, 2010

daybook, march 25th

Outside my Window...Thunderstorms

From the LearningRoom...Castles, Knights, Medieval Church, Monks, The Pope, Latin words: cum, figo, and fixum, 1 Corinthians 13, Stained Glass Window Making, Hormones, Babies, Genes, Mozart, The Door in the Wall, Jacob's 12 Sons, /f/ spelled ph, Math..but no PreSchool this Week

I am thankful for...My Sons and the Opportunity to Raise Men

From the kitchen...Salads for Lunch, with Hidden Valley's new Bacon and Onion Ranch Dressing...Yummy!

I am wearing...Denim Skirt, Navy Top, Black Slippers

I am reading...This Morning, we read the Chapter from Little House about the Night Scream...which prompted some YouTubing for Panther Sounds...I read The Hundred Dresses Tuesday night...very Good Book, especially for Girls

I am praying...for Niki, for our Nation, for a friend's Nephew, and Always for my Husband and Children

I am creating...(intentionally left blank, again)

I am hearing...Crashes of Thunder and Rain Hitting the Windows and the Fan

I am remembering...Being a Mom is Hard Work, but Very Worth It, thanks to this Post

I am the Library as soon as Brian gets Home, we have 35 Books on Hold, waiting to be picked up...we requested lots and lots from Elise's Children's Book Monday List

On my mind...Living my Life as an Example of Christ, which I believe, is the Best Way to Show Christ to Others, "This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine..."

Noticing that...Dark, Cloudy Skies and Thunderstorms make for perfect QuietTime weather

Pondering these words..."Every preacher's deeds should speak louder than his words. He should, by his good life, make footsteps for men to follow." - Pope Gregory I (We'll just leave this one on...such a good statement to ponder)

One of my favorite things...was my Mother's Mantle Clock, I'd LOVE to have one of my own, and this one for the LearningRoom, or this one

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...No Ballet this Week, FOA is on Spring Break...poor Girls, they've done NYC's Ballet Workout twice already this week