Thursday, March 11, 2010

isms, march 2010

"The Blow won't stop Blowing"...Wesley, age 2, cursing the Chilly Wind

"I feel pretty"...Korinne, age 9, in her New Ballerina Clothes

"Caws"...Ben, age 20 months, asking to watch Cars

"Connor, let's Go play Goshen"...TJ, age 5, asking/telling his Big Brother to come outside and play Football with him (their Daddy, both Uncles, and both Grandfathers played Football for Goshen)

"Dad, will the people in the Bible Stories be in Heaven when we get there"...Connor, age 7, with his Family Worship Question of the Night

"Mr. Abraham, Can I have your Autograph? You're so Awesome!"...Kylie, age 12, in response to Little Brother's above Question, making us all Laugh

"Caws"...Ben, age 20 months, asking to watch Cars again

"Mommy Bailey"...Wesley, age 2, telling me My Name

"Mom, does God like Wrestling"...Connor and TJ, ages 7 and 5, Truly Wondering

"Dad, you need a Taste of Humility"...Korinne, age 9, to Her Father, over his Lack of a Sense of Humor (sometimes)

"To Me"...Ben, age 20 months, asking Anyone to Read to Him

"He's so pitiful and so Cute at the Same Time AND his Cheeks are So Soft and I just Wanna Gobble him Up"...Connor, age 7, admiring his absolutely Adorable Baby Brother, Judah

"Caws"...Ben, age 20 months, asking to watch Cars, yet again

"What's that Eyes are Bigger than my Head"...Korinne, age 9, letting us know she put too much Food on her plate

"You peem-peem-pom-pom Momma?"...Wesley, age 2, asking if I really mean it (as in a Pinky Promise kind of meaning it)

"To Me"...Ben, age 20 months, asking Anyone, Anyone at all, to Read to Him

"Mom, is Humpty Dumpty a Egg or a Potato?"...TJ, age 5, while looking through his Mother Goose Book

"His Little Toes are like Pearls"...Korinne, age 9, admiring her Baby Brother's Tiny, Little, Round Toesies

"Mom, do ya Know what that Scene where Darth Vader tells Luke he's his father reminded me of? ...that Scene in Toy Story 2, When Zerg tells Buzz Lightyear he's his Father"...Connor, age 7

"Caws"...Ben, age 20 months, asking to watch Cars, AGAIN, the Boy LOVES that Movie

...Until next Time...Hope you're Smiling...