Monday, March 29, 2010


Happy Birthday Dear Wesley, Happy Birthday To You!

We have been Blessed to spend Three years with our Fifth Baby, Our Third Rowdy Boy

We have spent Three years calling you by a Hero's Name

Three years of a Few, Big Challenges

But Three years of More Laughter than the entire 9 years before

You've had Three years of Jesus, the Best of Your Daddy, Days filled Playing and Reading with your Sisters and Brothers, and being Right Next to your Momma Every Minute (there is no Class Worthy of Your Time:)

You Sing, Sing, Sing, shape Play-Doh like nobody's business, play Air Guitar like a true Worship Leader, and LOVE every.single.second. of Sandlot (and do not Move from your spot until it's "OhOh").
We have Celebrated Your Special Day with Donuts, Trains, Light Sabers, Horses, Pizza, Baby Dancin' Polkas, and Oreo Goodness. You are Happy. It makes Us Happy.

We LOVE you Wesley Ray Ray Bailey, you have filled a Place in our Hearts that no one else could. May God continue to Bless you every single day, and may you Grow into a Strong, Healthy, Jesus-Loving Little Man.