Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ten things we love about korinne (who's ten)

Thing Number One We Love about You, Korinne :: You are Such a Girly Girl...pink, skipping, fairies, paper flowers, purple, your Punky Brewster style, hula hoops, mermaids, sunshine, beads, roller skates, tutus, dress up gowns, princesses, jump ropes, rainbows...

Thing Number Two We LOVE about You, Korinne :: You LOVE to Read (OK, so it's mostly Mommy that LOVES this part of You:), but you can get completely lost in a Book. And You want to be Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie when you grow up (but you were afraid to wear the clothes that hung on the line to dry, "There might be bugs on them!")
Thing Number Three We LOVE about You, Korinne :: You are So Sweet, and Romantic...You can repeat, verbatim, the lines from Anne of Green Gables (is it Book 3?) where Anne and Gilbert finally kiss, Your Favorite Little House Book is where Laura and Almanzo get Married, Your Favorite Star Wars is where Anakin and Padme fall in Love, You get Super Excited when the Library has one of the Love Comes Softly DVDs in...

Thing Number Four We Love about You, Korinne :: You are Super Witty (OK, so this is not Kylie's Favorite part about You :), "I don't know what to do...I've been following Kylie all my life, and I just found out she's a NERD!" )

Thing Number Five We LOVE about You, Korinne :: your Daddy is Your Heroe and You are your Mother's Daughter (you get Elbowed with Knees, I get cold just thinking of the WindShield Factor *sigh* Mommy's so sorry Rin :)
Thing Number Six We LOVE about You, Korinne :: You want Twenty Children, even though you have FIVE Little Brothers
Thing Number Seven We LOVE about You, Korinne :: You do things like plan Family Fun Weekends, and FairyTale Puppet Shows, and Crafts to do with your Brothers, and Special Things to do for Anyone who will let you
Thing Number Eight We LOVE about You, Korinne :: Your Beautiful Smile...and Your Laugh, it's so Genuine and Big and Full
Thing Number Nine We LOVE about You, Korinne :: Your Imagination. You will Play anything, all the time. You go All Over this World, and you take your Little Brothers with you. The Nile River, where you have found Baby Moses (Judah), the Jungle, where you are finding injured Jungle Animals (Ben and Wesley), the WWII Battlefield where your Big Brothers (TJ and Connor) are fighting, and have left you to care for the Little Brothers still at home (Ben and Wesley), the Dugout at Plum Creek, on a Fishing boat in the Ocean, the ClassRoom where you are the Teacher, the Doctor's Office where you are the Mommy bringing in your Sick Children, the Grocery Store, the Library...

Thing Number Ten We LOVE about You, Korinne :: That God gave You to Us. You are Ours, and You make our Life Happier, and Cozier, and Softer, and Prettier, and Smiley-er