Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We never knew Thirteen Years could go so fast. Everyone kept telling us...and, we believed them...but we still never knew Thirteen Years could go so fast.

There are many things we would do differently. Many. But, they are the same things that have made you who you are. *And* You. Are. Wonderful.

You are Loving and Lovable. You shower all Six of your Siblings with Help and Kindness. You Care for Your Babies in a way we have never seen a 12 year old Care for a Baby. You still Embrace Us whenever you can.

You are Teachable. You didn't miss a beat when we brought you Home. You are Wise way Beyond your Thirteen Years. You Question Everything...God, Nature, English, Fractions, Good Literature. And you Seek Out the Answers.

You are Responsible. You Work too hard, even when it's not expected of you. We hear Francesca coming from the Kitchen, and we Know you are Busy. We have to push you to your Room to listen to your IPod, or Paint your Toes, or Play your Guitar, or Devour another Book, or Make another one of Your Lists.

You are a Talented Ballerina. It's a Joy to watch you. We wondered...was it Soccer...was it Cheerleading...was it Softball...was it VolleyBall. We never Dreamed it was Twirling. But we Love it. Because you Love it. Because you are Passionate about it. Because it makes you Happy.

You Love Jesus. You are Following Hard after Him, and Quick to Change Direction when you Stray from The Path. We will never forget when you Invited a Freshman from ASU to Church. Or that You slip Notes in Your Loved Ones Bags as they Leave, sharing with them, how they too, can have a Relationship with Jesus, and spend an Eternity with Him in Heaven.

You are Beautiful. Inside and Out. Because of all of these Things. You are Our Princess. And We will Try our Best to Continue to show you The Way. Because NOTHING is more Important to Us. NOTHING.