Thursday, May 20, 2010

daybook, may 21st

Outside my Window...the night sky, but it was beautiful and sunny today

What We're Learning...planet Earth, Joan of Arc

I am thankful all, really, I am blessed

From the kitchen...grilled BBQ chicken, broccoli, and rice pilaf for dinner

I am wearing...yellow top, gray capris

I am reading...On The Banks of Plum Creek and Story of the World 2 aloud to the kids

I am praying...for JP and a family back home

I am creating...a plan for Ben's special day Monday...hoping WalMart still has that Radiator Springs rug, and a Car or two that he DOESN'T already have

I am hearing...the AC, Brian flipping the pages of his Book of John notebook

I am remembering...that 12 years ago today, I was still a Single Lady

I am the grocery and the library in the AM

On my much different right now is than I thought it would be back in 1998

Noticing that...Summer weather makes for sleepy boys...and happy Daddies and Mommas

One of my favorite things...being outside in the yard with the blow up pool, and bikes, and flower bouquets, and fisher price mowers, and mud, and water hoses, and the sandbox, and the camera, and the grill, and lawn chairs, and tonka trucks

A Few Plans For The Weekend...celebrating 12 years, Olive Garden TO GO, church, hanging out as a family