Monday, May 24, 2010

daybook, may 24th

Benjamin Richard Bailey's 2nd Birthday
Happy Birthday Benny Boo

Outside my Window...there was quite a windy storm this afternoon, but the Sun came back out, it's dark and calm and quiet now
What We're Learning...Philippians 2, the Ottoman Turks, Planet Earth, multiplication tables (still), and how to not be jealous of others on their Birthdays...or stingy with your Birthday Presents

I am thankful for...Benjamin's health
From the kitchen...we had Ben's favorite tonight, Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. I felt like I was cheating him, but Brian reminded me that he won't always want the easy stuff, so I should enjoy it while I can. He wanted a "blue" cake, so I just made a Hershey's Chocolate Cake, dyed some Vanilla Icing Blue, threw on some Sprinkles, Dirt-Track Lightning McQueen, and a Number Two Candle...Happiness...

I am wearing...khaki capri pants, Liberty University tee

I am reading...The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace
I am praying...for my Dad

I am creating...plans for our Summer
I am hearing...the dishwasher
I am remembering...the day Ben was born, Thank You

I am going...Bubba has a game tomorrow night, other than that, we will be Home Sweet Home

On my mind...Homeschooling...I Love Kimberly's 6 Distinctives, and Tamara's Educational Philosophy
Noticing that...I'm glad I let the kids play outside a lot these last few months...because it's already Super Humid and Swarming with Skeeter Bugs bet West Palm Beach is Lovely this time of hoo...
One of my favorite coloring. I know it's SOOO bad for you, but it makes things so nice and pretty and special

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...ball games