Sunday, June 13, 2010

children's book monday: snip snap croc

Illustrated by Andrew Crowson

This is a Picture Book that was specifically written for sharing with Little Ones. There is even a page in the back to help parents create the perfect Storytime atmosphere. Ideas for rhyming and poetry, discussing animals from another land, and studying a map of the Nile River.

The text is simple, and the pictures are very colorful. The story is easily read aloud using different voices, one big, loud voice for Snip Snap Croc, and one smaller and softer for all the other animal Mommas.

As the story starts, Snip Snap Croc is shouting to everyone about her big, sharp teeth...and Mommas Baboon, Meerkat, and Lion are warning their precious babies to stay away.

Then Snip Snap Croc hears a humming sound and feels the ground begin to move, and discovers eggs. And the 23 things that "hammer" their way out of these eggs is very fascinating.

As the other animal babies are watching safely from the riverbank, Snip Snap Croc suddenly snip snaps each of her 23 babies up, and eats them! But the other animal Mommas know what is really going on.

And you'll just have to read the Story to find out for yourself.

This is a very different, but fun story, that helps express to children the kind of special love that is between a Momma and her Baby. TJ has requested it almost everyday since we've brought it home from the Library.

:: Happy Reading! ::