Friday, June 25, 2010

how to be a magic momma

. let them play outside in the rain

. melt Velveeta in the microwave and add salsa and serve it with warm-from-the-oven tortilla chips and give it to them for morning snack... "Where'd ya get this recipe Momma?" ... "Oh, the places I had to go to get this one Darlings" ...

. lay on the floor with them while they're playing with their choo choo trains, or littlest pet shops, or cars

. bake them brownies

. look at them when they talk to you (I guess I don't do this, because it's really surprising them...they seem confused by my full attention)

. hand out "juicy gum" aka Juicy Fruit Gum upon their request

. get completely overwhelmed with the amount of paper drawings they create, spend an hour going through them and separating them into piles: Dinosaurs - Sharks - Military - Animals - Baseball - Fat Stick People, staple them together, and present them as Books while declaring that a Book is not finished until every square inch of it is drawn on (and Heaven knows we don't start a new Book without finishing one first)...I had no idea the sheer JOY this would bring...Magic Momma Indeed...

. say YES to them

. turn off the computer