Thursday, July 8, 2010

recipe for a military wife

Recipe for a Military Wife:
-1 C Patience
-2 T Elbow Grease
-1 lb. Courage
-1 C Tolerance
-Dash of Adventure
-Endless Prayer

-marinate frequently with salty tears and pour off excess fat (please)! Sprinkle ever so lightly with money, kneading dough WELL until payday. Season with international spices (or the kind from Arkansas). Bake for 20 years OR until done. Serve with pride.
I will soon be creating a Family Readiness Group for Brian's Unit. We currently have 30 of our soldiers overseas in Afghanistan, and no support network set up for their families. My heart goes out to them, and I intend on making things right. Please pray for me...being the Leader of anything is stepping waaay out of the box for me. And I need lots of time (that I don't have) in order for me to do this right.