Sunday, August 1, 2010

children's book monday: bear shadow


I thought I would spend the next 26 (schooling) weeks reviewing the Literature selection from TJ's Kindergarten Curriculum.

:: This week we studied letter "Ss", Sun, Jesus is the light of the world ::

Our Literature selection this week was Bear Shadow by Frank Asch. In our book, Bear tries to get rid of his shadow he finds while fishing. He tries running away, hiding, climbing, hammering, digging...which finally works, because it's noontime, and the sun is high in the sky (hence no shadow). And then Bear gets tired and is ready for nap (very good for Kindergartner's who so desperately STILL NEED THEIR NAP). But when Bear wakes up, there is Shadow again! So they make a deal...and while Bear is nodding his head (of course) Shadow is nodding his head too! They both go fishing again...and each of them catch a fish!

The illustrations are great for explaining and discussing shadows, and then you can go outside and do the easiest Science Experiment ever!

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:: Happy Reading! ::