Monday, August 9, 2010

children's book monday: little bear goes to the moon

Pictures By Maurice Sendak.

This week, we are continuing our 26 reviews of the Literature selections from TJ's Kindergarten Curriculum.


In our book, Little Bear wants to fly to the moon. But Mother Bear explains that he is not a bird, and he cannot fly. Little Bear decides he will make a Space Helmet, and try anyway. He lands on the moon, which appears to be just like Earth. He wonders off to a house, that appears to be just like his house. He finds a lunch, that would be a great lunch for a little bear...Mother Bear is playing along at this point, and says, "My little bear did the same thing. He put on his space helmet and flew to Earth. So I guess you can have his lunch." But Little Bear hugs Mother Bear, and asks her to, "Stop fooling." So Mother Bear does (because children need reassurance that all is well), and tells him he may eat his lunch, and then have his nap (because children under age 6 need a nap).

I do not enjoy Sendak's illustration style (Where The Wild Things Are), but the story of Little Bear and his relationship with his Mother are so sweet, that I've been easily able to overlook the illustrations, and really fall in love with this series.
One of the Activities to go along with Little Bear Goes to the Moon, are for the Kindergartner to act out the story (Narration) wearing his newly constructed (foil) Space Helmet. We have not done this yet, but TJ is anxiously awaiting the fun!
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