Monday, September 13, 2010

my prayer for today

As Summer ends, and Autumn begins, we are busy.

Busy with Ballet, and Cub Scouts, and Nutcracker rehearsal, and rigorous school work, and more responsibility, out of town guests, and training...and the list goes on.

Add to the list of busyness: finding a Church Home...

The stress of it all, is sitting heavily on my shoulders. I'm fatigued and moody and boring.

Today, I am trying to focus on what is important.

God is important.
So prayer is important, and time spent reading the Bible is important...Family Worship is important.

My Husband is important.
So communicating (not just talking), and understanding (because we are so different), and helping him is important (because we're in this together).

The Children are important.
So Mothering: eye contact, listening, touching are important. Their growing Faith is important, their Hearts are important, their Education is important. Having fun (making Memories) is important.

Home is important.
So keeping Home is important. Tidiness is important, so is being cozy and comfortable. Clean clothes are important (but not having ALL the laundry done each day). Good Food is important (but a Tuna Casserole never hurt anyone, ). Sweep the floor. Light a candle. Smile.

I pray that God gives me the energy to follow this Order of Things, and I will feel rested, and happy, and full of life.