Thursday, October 28, 2010

a lifestyle of learning

The idea of this post started out as 'Why We Homeschool Year Round.'

But then, as I started to sift through my thoughts, so many things came to mind as to why we do, indeed, homeschool year round,...that I came to the conclusion that education has just become a way of life for us.

Schooling year round, doesn't actually mean we 'do' school year round. It just means that we are always learning, and we have a few extra months to 'get through the book, or, in some instances, start the next book early.'

On days when we don't actually 'do' school, two things happen: 1. things get a little hectic from the lack of schedule and 2. learning happens anyway.

If you don't believe can ask my kindergartner. He has already learned most of the things Kindergarten is supposed to teach you...and I haven't really 'taught' him a thing!
I heart homeschooling!