Monday, October 4, 2010

busy at home

the sound of the dryer softly tumbling

the smell of ground beef and onion

the sound of my phone chiming a voicemail

the taste of strong coffee

the smell of crayola crayons and glue sticks and markers

the sound of the dishes clanging in the dishwasher

the sound of children playing 'family' (or bickering)

the sight of piles of freshly washed clothes in heaps on my bed

the taste of animal crackers and goldfish

the sound of the pencil sharpener whirring and pencils scratching paper

the feel of soft, chubby baby cheeks and wet toddler kisses, "Ki Mee Momma"

the smell of outside on little boys

the sight of an entire year of our life, as it slide shows on the computer (I stop and watch, hypnotic every time)

the smell of tide and downy wafting from the laundry room

the sound of leap frog, "A B C D" ...

the feel of silky hair as I twist into ballerina buns

the sight of school papers, and books, and drawings absolutely everywhere I look, everywhere

the sound of singing, "Hear ye, hear ye, listen to the history..."

the smell of dove soap and cornstarch baby powder