Sunday, October 31, 2010

children's book monday: grasshopper on the road

"A New House" in Grasshopper on the Road
by Arnold Lobel
This week, I am (finally) continuing my 26 reviews on the Literature selections from TJ's Kindergarten Curriculum.

:: This week's Letter/Science Topic/Bible Truth is "Aa", Apple, If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit ::

This is a short and simple story about Grasshopper (who is ready to have lunch) taking a big bite out of Worm's house (an apple).

Worm tells Grasshopper, "It is not polite to eat a person's house." Grasshopper apologizes to Worm, but just as his apology comes out, the apple starts to roll down hill. Worm calls for help, and then describes in hilarious-to-a-5-year-old-terms, what is happening to his house as it rolls down hill, "my bathtub is in the living room...I am getting attic is in the cellar!"

Once the apple makes it to the bottom of the hill, it is not much of a house anymore. Grasshopper feels very sorry for Worm, but Worm assures Grasshopper, "It was old, and it had a big bite in it anyway." And Grasshopper watches Worm climb to the top of a tree, filled with apples, to find a new house.

Then Grasshopper smiles, and goes on down the road.

This is a very funny story, that was easy to read with aloud in a silly, wormy voice. There were many giggles as we read this together. As an activity, TJ (and Wesley and Ben) drew Worm's new Apple House...making sure to put all the furniture in the proper place!

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