Sunday, October 24, 2010

daybook, october 24th

Outside my's dark and a little breezy, I can hear the leaves rustling just a little, every once in a while, and I'm paranoid because Suzanne warned me of storms (OK, she just asked about the weather, but I feel warned)...
What We're Learning...the founding of Jamestown and the Flight to Egypt, NO MATH this week!

I am thankful for...a few wonderful friends who bless me with their words of encouragement

From the kitchen...we had my quick and easy standby: red potatoes, green beans, and smoked sausage all boiled together...YUM! the kids just eat it up (which makes me feel like SuperDinner Mom)
I am new purple and white snowflake jammies which Benjamin says are, 'coot'

I am reading...The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Courage of Sarah Noble to the kids and I have this sitting on my bedside table waiting for me

I am praying...for Ms. Nellie, Greg, Roy, Trey, Edie, my Grandma, my parents, and a good week
I am creating...plans to attend Relevant 2011 with my previously mentioned wonderfully encouraging friends, you can see why here

I am hearing...
Christy on the TV
I am remembering...that God doesn't give me more than I can handle
I am keep remembering it too!
On my mind...Cinnamon, and her family's sacrifice for us

Noticing that...Monday is much faster at getting here than Friday

One of my favorite things...(Two)...Veritas Press' Bible and History curriculums, they make the Teacher in me happy, now...if they would just make some Science Cards... (P.S. If you happen to use Veritas Press materials too, please leave me a comment, so we can get to know each other...I'm starting to think I'm the only Homeschooling Mom out there using them, which makes me feel like I know something really grand and need to share it with all of you, or I know nothing at all...I'm choosing that I know something really grand, and you should all give Veritas Press a try!)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Simplicity in it's simplest form