Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the blessing of tyler

You were a surprise blessing, it's true!

Even bigger than the surprise of your coming, was the blessings that you brought upon us, long after you were born. Looking back, I see God's hand in it all.

When you were just six weeks old, your Daddy left for Afghanistan. I would have had my hands full with just your big brother and sisters...but God saw that even though my hands would be more full, my heart would be as well (though broken...Daddy being gone). You were able to fill an empty place in my soul, that I'm not sure would have been able to be filled by anything else that year. What a blessing!

As you've grown older, the friendship that has formed between you and Connor is like nothing I have ever seen. The two of you speak your own language. You complete each other. You are Best Buds, and Partners in Crime. To think that Connor would not have that, or that I would not have seen such brotherly love with my own eyes, between my own sons... What a blessing!

A life lesson like no other. The daily opportunity to practice patience and selflessness. You are firm. You stand your ground. But you need me in ways that none of your siblings have yet to need me. A volume of books on parenting would not have been able to teach me what you have been able to teach me. What a blessing!

Joy! Your sense of humor...your laugh...your impersonations...your questions...your silliness...your love of Hank...your singing...they could make the most unhappy of people smile! What a blessing!

Happy, Happy 6th Birthday Blessing #4,
Tyler Joseph.
We love you very, very much
You are handsome, and smart, and full of (good) life!
Daddy, Mommy, Kylie, Korinne,
Connor, Wessy, Ben, and Baby Judah