Thursday, December 16, 2010

happy birthday to my grandma

Happy Birthday to my Grandma who has loved me with Chicken and Dumplings, Bread Pudding, fluffy paisley blankets, baby aspirin, and an always open door (and wallet).

Happy Birthday to my Grandma who always listened and laughed at my frog jokes, and has kept my Snowman Story for 25 years.

Happy Birthday to my Grandma who thought it was absurd that we watched The V...but let us 'watch' Dallas.
Happy Birthday to my Grandma who taught me how to: peel potatoes, massage feet, shine my sink (looong before FlyLady...because who wants their company to have to wash their hands in a soapy-toothpasty sink), make a yummy pot of (Frisch's) chili, super stock my pantry, and be ready for any kind of Emergency that could be fixed with a Bread-Tie.
(yes, those are my Bread-Ties, in my Chicken Bouillon Cube jar, in my Kitchen...and I bet you'll find the same thing in her's!)
I LOVE You Grandma, I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday
Kathi (your First Girl)