Thursday, December 9, 2010

not doing everything i mean to do

I almost didn't open the email from Stacy. I thought it was probably about yet another thing that I had gotten behind on, making yet another person feel angry with me.

But I opened it today. Eight days after she sent it to me.

She was apologizing for herself and her children not being prompt with their penpal letters. I wanted to laugh, and then I wanted to cry. I felt rotten that she would even think for one second that I'd be upset over that. After all, don't we all have enough to do, without worrying that people are getting angry with us over silly things like penpal letters.

I know I do.

So, to all of you who have been expecting this or that from me, I ask for grace and that you might lower your expectations.

My plate is just so very full with all the blessings God has placed in my life. And I'm trying to put first things first, and embrace my current season. That means my family, my home, and all the 327 (thousand) things that need to happen each day to care for them, get checked off the list before the penpal letters get stamped and addressed.

And, to Stacy...I say Thank You!