Thursday, December 30, 2010

our new year's letter 2010

As Twenty Ten comes to an end, I thought I'd take a few moments and reflect on what the year held for our large, little family:

Of course, Judah had many, many milestones...turning 3 Months Old (leaving behind those precious newborn weeks) is always a bittersweet time for me. By 6 Months, I was feeling a little better about mothering a growing infant, and enjoying all the wonderful 'baby things' that they do and discover at that age. And then, that First Birthday came around, all too quickly, breaking and filling my heart to overflowing all at once. Baby Judah has been a real 'teether' for us, a late crawler and walker, and our first child to leave such a mark on his Momma for so long (something neither of us are ready to give up yet!). He brings his four big brothers, his two big sisters, and his Momma and Daddy more joy than one could think a Se7enth Child could possibly bring.

Our Happy Elf, Benjamin, turned TWO this year! He still LOVES all things Radiator Springs, he enjoys 'doing school' (drawing), and is an expert Escape Artist...disappearing on us whenever he can. When he's found, he's still at that age where he puts his hands over his eyes...if he can't see us...we can't see him! So cute, but so exhausting too! Benjamin also gave up his pacifier in July (accidentally...he lost it in the car on the way to Cincinnati), and will soon be attending SSG Daddy's Potty Training Boot Camp!

Wesley has grown, matured in so many ways this year. He's got almost the exact personality of his big sister, Kylie, and the motor-mouth to match too! He turned Three this year, and likes to dress up in crazy outfits on an almost daily basis (many of which are eternally posted on Facebook!). He still has the hardest time when Daddy goes out of town, and goes BANANAS upon his return. Wesley also gave up his nap this year, but we recently gave it back to him!

TJ. Oh, TJ...such diversity in a 6 year old little boy. TJ's Birthday Post will forever be one of my most favorite writings. He truly is a blessing in so many, many ways! Kindergarten was one of his biggest milestones this year, and the boy would 'do Art' until the cows came home. He also LOVES catching toads (he literally caught a hundred this past three-legged friend more than once, *AND* I have an absolutely hilarious video of a certain toad-y friend flying a Tonka Helicopter!), and he can set up a Battle like a True Soldier's Son!

Connor spent 2010 learning the ways of the Cub Scouts and attending Camp with his Dad, and playing lots and lots and lots Baseball (both with his brothers, and on his first team). He spent the night with The Gameball and his team earned the status of League Champs! He also experienced an interesting Biblical Breakthrough, and flew away oh! glory. Connor turned Eight this past year, and also turned into my first Little Man. Sigh. Good sigh. Proud Smile.

Korinne turned Ten in Twenty Ten! She spent a lot of time building a beautiful friendship, practicing crocheting dishrags, reading and reading and reading and reading, and Twirling (which earned her a Promotion to Ballet 3.5)! She also appeared in Cinderella and performed in The Nutcracker again this year!

Kylie had a HUGE year! All that talk about becoming A TEENAGER!!! And now, she's almost A Teenager Plus One! Where did fourteen years go? (it was just yesterday she was running down the aisle at our wedding!) She went on The Youthtrip again this summer, and let her dad tag-along this time. She cross-stitched and photographed and crocheted and cooked and wrote and read and read and read...and Twirled, also appearing in Cinderella and again in The Nutcracker. Kylie earned a Promotion to Ballet 4 this fall, and will be starting the Teacher Assistant Program at The FOA this spring term. Exciting! And thing you know, she'll be driving (they do that at 14 down in these here parts, ya know!)

Brian and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary and our 32nd Birthdays! Brian has been busy with school, and will (FINALLY!) graduate this spring. I have (sort of) learned (slowly) how to manage a large-ish home. And, we both created a Family Driven by Faith, and are now learning how to Shepherd their little Hearts.

It's a full life. A blessed life. And it's been a very, very GOOD YEAR!

:: Love to All, and Happy, Happy (safe) New Year! ::