Thursday, January 20, 2011

an english lesson

We use Rod & Staff's Building Christian English Series for our english (grammar and composition) lessons starting at age 9-ish or so. I *heart* it. My girls *heart* it. Really, I'm not can ask them.

We go over the lesson together, do the oral drill together, and then they complete the lesson on their own. Kylie even grades her own, and we go over anything that she totally flubbed together. I grade Korinne's, and we go over anything she has totally flubbed together. They rarely totally flub their lesson. They are pretty smart girls (in my not-so-humble opinon).

R & S English is textbook-style, but it is also in narrative-style (the book 'talks' to the student, much like a parent-teacher would). We leave out the extra workbook pages, and we don't do the tests. The girls just learn, master, and move on (with review-ish lessons thrown in every 5 lessons). All my die-hard Charlotte Mason readers are now having heart failure. I openly admit, that this (grammar, not so much composition), is one area that I do not completely agree with Charlotte Mason on.

The only thing I do NOT like about R & S English, is that they put the 'grade level' in great, big black numbers right on the front of the book. I'm not a 'grade level' type of homeschool mom, I'm not even an 'age-level' type of homeschool mom...I'm more of a 'are they ready' type of homeschool mom. Once I convinced my girls that the 'grade level' was not important (and that they were NOT so many years behind!), I learned to live with the big, black numbers.

I'm telling you all this, simply because I wanted to share Korinne's lesson for today. It reminded me what a blessing homeschooling is. It reminded me that things matter, things like being polite. Even when the world tells, NO! shows us they do not matter...'put YOU first,' the world says. We say differently, Rod & Staff agrees with us. *And*, we can teach our children a better way (even through English lessons)!

I *heart* homeschooling. I do. I was born to be a homeschool mom.

Here is the lesson, taken from 'Preparing to Build,' Unit Three, Lesson 22, More Practice With I and Me:

God's Word is wonderful. In His Word He tells us how to do what is right. He tells us how to treat other people. Here is one Bible verse which tells us how to treat others:

"Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; love; in honour preferring one another." (Romans 12:10)

The verse tells us to prefer one another. This means that we should think about someone else before we think about ourselves. It means that we should treat others with courtesy and respect.

We show this courtesy in many ways. One way we show it is when we are walking with someone. When we come to a door, we open the door and step back. We let the other person go through the door first.

We can show this courtesy when we speak and write, too. Yes, even our speech can show whether we are "preferring one another." When we speak or write about someone else and ourselves, we should always say the other person's name first. We should say I or me last.

Say: Mother and I baked a cake.

Father spoke to Robert and me.

Let the name of the other person go first. Then let I or me follow.

:: Happy Homeschooling! ::