Tuesday, January 18, 2011

daybook, january 18th

Outside my window...dreary, wet, chilly

I am thinking...about how learning as a large family is a struggle...so many levels to teach

I am thankful for...tylenol, advil, amoxicillin, delsym

From the learning rooms...Jesus' healing miracles, France in the 1700s, adding the -ed suffix, plural pronouns, and some Mayflower Compact copywork that went missing (...it just vanished!)

From the kitchen...chicken soup

I am wearing...brown socks, khaki cords, and a red shirt with coffee and books all over it that my mom left me (the beige girl)...I feel clown-ish

I am creating...we put together our Family History and Science Notebooks yesterday

I am going...nowhere...well, Korinne has ballet this evening, but I'm not going

I am reading...I am ordering Large Family Logistics with leftover birthday money as soon as I finish this little post

I am hoping...this flu-ish illness is quick to leave our family, and I stay well

I am hearing...so much coughing

Around the house...tidy, but could use a dusting...and, with the sickness going around, we still have our Christmas decorations up (minus our tree)

One of my favorite things...my birthday presents from my parents

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots of learning, chores, ballet...GETTING WELL!!!