Thursday, January 13, 2011

thirty three

. a birthday card in the mail, a day early, from my grandparents "we hope your day is Special." they write
. my 3 year old wanting so desperately to give me my 'bob the builder birthday pictures' the night before, but being as patient as a 3 year old can be, and waiting one more day
. my childhood best friend letting me know that she remembers tomorrow is my birthday

. hearing the van start up at 6:45 AM, as my husband heads to the bakery for donuts...a double gift. I don't have to make breakfast, chocolate in the morning

. my daughters making and hanging 'happy birthday mom' streamers

. greeted outside my bedroom by SE7EN (count, two, three, four, five, six, se7en) blessings (gifts) from God singing 'happy birthday dear momma' at 6:48 AM
. the smile on Wesley's face as he (finally) gives me my 'bob the builder birthday pictures'
. my mom and dad and their kitty, louie, singing 'happy birthday to you' over the phone...and then saying, "we'll see you tomorrow!"
. a text from my brother, "happy birthday sis!"

. 'happy birthday mom' on my kindergartner's handwriting page

. a 'happy birthday, love you' email from my grandma

. a text from my husband, "won't be home for lunch, have errands to run before b-day bash tonight."

. a voicemail from a sweet lady at our old church. more singing, "happy birthday, God bless you..."
. ABC magnetic letters, placed just for me
. my daughters in the kitchen, baking for me
. a birthday dinner (italian food!), made by my husband
. Kylie's watercolor birthday card
. two blue, sparkly, burning '3' candles, 33!, and another round of singing, 'happy birthday'...hearing excited giggles, seeing happy smiles, Brian laughing and recording

. NOT blowing out my candles, thank you Benjamin!
. packages wrapped in leftover Christmas paper (crocheted dishrags by Korinne, handmade jewelry by Connor and TJ, chocolate kisses...1 for each day of my 34th year, my that's a lot of chocolate kisses, new watch, new bible...NKJV, genuine leather, ultra thin, large print, reference, so perfect!)
. sharing a piece of chocolate, chocolate cake with Judah

. having my 8 year old son 'tie' my new necklace on me, beautiful!

. one last voicemail, my sister and her three sons, singing a muffled and excited 'happy birthday (this one to) Aunt Kathi, happy birthday to you'

. choosing one of our hymns, 'it is well,' my favorite

. too many facebook messages to count, thank you all!

:: Hello Thirty-Three, welcome to my life, I do believe we'll get along fine! ::