Wednesday, January 5, 2011

today i:

. cleaned up after a Victory Party

. made oatmeal for breakfast (and the kids happily ate it)

. washed our bed sheets (fresh bed sheets are heavenly)

. heated up leftover Victory Party food for lunch (OK, so we had snacks for lunch)

. cleaned out the pantry

. went through my cleaning rags, finally throwing a few in the trash (I LOVE to throw things away, I LOVE it!)

. texted Brian to bring bags of salad home for dinner...added shredded cheese and croutons and everyone's dressing of choice...complete with ice water (and the entire family happily ate it)

. sang hymns with my husband and children out of our new hymnals

. and managed to DELETE my 'Learning' page

... and soon, I'm going to take a hot-ish, warm-ish shower, put on my new flannel nightgown and old cotton socks, get in our bed (which has freshly washed, heavenly sheets on it), and doze off as Brian flips through the channels. And, as soon as he turns the TV off, Judah will wake up, and I will nurse him back to sleep...and then...then I will go to sleep!

:: Good Night! ::