Sunday, March 13, 2011

children's book monday: madeleine takes command

Madeleine Takes Command
by Ethel C. Brill

We finished this Read Aloud last week, and let me just say that we all (Momma, Girls, and Boys) thoroughly enjoyed it, and we were so sad to see it end.

Madeleine Takes Command is a true historical novel about the 17th-century Canadian frontier (New France). In the story Madeleine de Vercheres, a 14 year old girl, along with her 12 and 10 year old brothers, bravely and heroically hold down their father's fort (while both he, their mother, and youngest siblings are away) against the Iroquois Indians, in defense of faith, family, and New France.

Not only was this a refreshing and welcome 'educational' story (we have not learned much about Canadian Colonization...OK, we hadn't learned anything up until this point), but it was also a wonderful book for my children (siblings) to hear because of the combined effort of Madeleine and both of her brothers to stick together, talk things through, and encourage each other through the attack. Their love and respect for one other was very evident.

If you haven't had the opportunity to share this story with your family, I highly recommend it, not only for it's historical content, but also for it's life application for families.

:: Happy Reading! ::


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