Wednesday, March 2, 2011

early morning math class

A few weeks ago, we decided that Math at the end of Quiet Time was no longer working for us, and that a lot of time was being wasted at the start of our day.

We implemented a new morning routine for the older children that included doing their Math bright and early (6:30 AM for Kylie...Korinne and Connor to follow at 6:45). Everyone closes the books at 7:15 (whether they've finished the page or not), and heads to the Family Room for prayer with Dad before he heads to the gym or work.

So's working wonderfully for us. The best thing is that it gets the worst part of the homeschool day (Math!) out of the way...*AND* Dad is still home to deal with any questions (Dad is the Math teacher here in the Bailey Home).

I've done a few things to make this early-morning-math-routine less painful for my little students:

. I make sure to open the blinds in the dining room (where they sit at the table and do their pages). Who doesn't feel better about things when looking at a Brand New Day?! This morning, the birds were even singing, and I slightly opened one of the windows, so the kids could hear them.

. I turn on very soft music. Right now, it's Vivaldi. I wish we had a copy of Hidden in My Heart that would play in our music player, that would be the most perfect early-morning-math-routine music!

. I go ahead and turn the tea kettle on, line up the cups and saucers, and put the tea bags in the cups. Sometimes I'm in the kitchen when the kettle starts to whistle, most mornings Korinne will get it. The girls have been drinking tea in the morning for a few years, but this is something new and exciting for Connor. It makes him less grumbly about having to do early-morning-Math, instead of listening to Mom read Stuart Little (he still grins, embarrassed, if you peek at him while he's drinking from his cup).

. I've even lit our Jesus candle a few mornings.

It's strange that such a small thing is making our days flow more smoothly, but it is. Maybe I should remember this, and switch up our routine more often!

:: Happy Homeschooling! ::