Wednesday, March 16, 2011

how we celebrate a birthday

Many of you who know us, know that we do not plan elaborate birthday parties for our children. We never have. It's always been just family. We'd do an easy meal, cake and ice cream, and most guests would bring a gift. But there has never been a petting zoo, a bouncy gym, a clown, etc.

BUT...since we have moved down here, where it would take family nine hours to drive to the birthday celebration, I have tried to come up with a few "special things" to make the birthday child's day a happy one to remember:

***Before the big day I make sure I have:

. Red Lipstick - for writing Birthday Messages on bathroom mirrors (I've been doing this a few years now), I buy the $1 tubes, and they last a few birthdays
. Paper Streamers - to hang from the birthday child's bedroom door and dining room entrance

. Balloons - just the simple kind, we blow them up and throw them all over the floor

***On the big day I am sure to make:

. Breakfast - at the birthday child's request (this has turned into donuts...often with Brian making an early morning run to Daylight Donuts)
. Dinner - at the birthday child's request (if a child is particularly enjoying dinner, they will anxiously announce, "This is what I'm havin' for my Birthday Dinner!" may hear that from the same child, about ten different dinners, all throughout the year)
. Birthday cake - any desert (not just cake) at the birthday child's request (some recents are: Strawberry Shortcake, Oreo Goodness, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pie)
. *Everything is eaten on a special "Birthday Plate" ...which is just a cheap black and white plate from WalMart, but it's only brought out on the birthdays for the birthday child...I would like to buy a nicer one that says CELEBRATE on it, but we have to prioritize here, and usually birthday gifts come before birthday plates...

***On the big day the birthday child is sure to get:

. cards - lots of homemade ones from each of their siblings, and one boughten one from the entire family. I would like to start writing a birthday letter to each birthday child every year. I did this once when Kylie turned 9, and she still has it. For now, I've really been trying to write a very thoughtful post on their birthday, like Kylie's 13th or Wesley's 3rd, and Korinne's 10th was fun to write!
. gifts - we try to think of something or a few somethings the birthday child will really LOVE

***An added bonus is being free from chores on your birthday, and believe me, they don't let you forget!***