Tuesday, March 22, 2011

quiet time now

Remember this post? Well, I do. Because I'm still living it. I still have not figured out a way to make the hours between 1 PM and 4 PM work.

It seems like I'm always hitting my wall, just about the time I need to walk in the kitchen and start dinner (and I don't enjoy cooking). So, needless to say, I have to...I must, find a way to make our afternoons less chaotic.

Here's what Quiet Time looks like for us right now:
12:30-ish...I'm sitting on the floor, in the hallway, between all the kids' bedrooms, Reading Aloud. I love doing this. The kids love it. This is working. (it also gives Judah and Benjamin time to fall asleep)

1:00-ish...Quiet Time starts. Big Kids (the girls and Connor) are reading for approximately 90 minutes. This is Book Basket time (Science, History Independent Reading) and the last little while is for 'fun' reading.

. what does TJ do during this time? Well, he'll look through a book or two for about 10 minutes, and then he'll completely konk out. Every day. For about an hour. And he's 6.
. what does Wesley do during this time? It depends. Sometimes he peels the paint off his wall. Sometimes he changes his clothes a few times. Sometimes he sings. Sometimes he ______. And yes, I'm still fighting this 3 yr olds-must-nap thing. Because I think they must...but clearly, Wesley does not agree. He's back to being 'quiet' in our bed.

2:30-ish...Snack Time. Cereal. Tea Time has officially been reserved for Fridays. This time is still quiet, because evidently everyone is famished from Quiet Time. It's kind of odd how quiet this cereal-eating time really is.

3:00-ish...we should do Science. Or Nature Study. Or Art. Or Music. What do we do? I don't know. I usually spin around in circles from 3:00-ish until 4:00-ish.


Tell me why. Why do our afternoons get waaay off track every.single.day?

Do large families just not do 'Nap Time?' How in the world do the little ones still get a nap...if everyone else is just going about their business...opening and closing doors? going up and down stairs? turning on faucets?

I've been thinking of really trying to get all our 'school' finished in the mornings. I think it may be feasible. That would push Nap Time back atleast an hour, and the Littles are up at 6:30 AM...I'm not sure they could actually stay up until 2:00 PM.

But it would completely free up the afternoon. For playing, and free time, and no more spinning. Just fun.

Or am I dreaming?