Thursday, April 14, 2011

daybook, april 14th

Outside my was a perfect evening weather-wise, but I just saw on Facebook where my friend Suzanne is WARNING her fellow Arkansans about the now it seems like the perfectness may be gone

What We're to pray for the different branches of the government, how Spin Brushes work better than manual brushes (according to our dentist), how there is a difference between mopping the kitchen floor sometime last weekend...or maybe the end of last week...or sometime recently

I am thankful for...the older boys' lead tests coming back normal, and for my mom who is a good listener, and for the rest of the 383rd that is FINALLY! home now.

From the kitchen...for dinner, I made pancakes & bacon, and Korinne made warm, cinnamon applesauce

I am wearing...gray capri pants, Army tee

I am reading...The Classical Teacher, Spring 2011 (it came in the mail today, and has some pretty good articles in it)

I am praying...for my mom's recovery from her knee replacement surgery on Monday, and for my Baby Judah, and for my husband

I am creating...I should be creating my Homeschool Highlights post...but here I am, writing a silly Daybook Entry

I am hearing...Hank the Cowdog playing on the Boys' CD player (they are all asleep, why don't I go turn it off? Because I love Hank.)

I am help the kids make their Daddy's Uncle a Birthday Card tomorrow...we keep forgetting, so Brian wrote it up on the white board. I have a terrible memory. Lists are my friends. So are white boards. And husbands who write things down for their wives to remember.

I am going...I should have gone to a Homeschool Mom's meeting tonight. We are going to join a local group soon, but after the dentist this morning, I just wanted to be home.

On my mind...wondering if there will ever be 8ight. A lot lately. I'm ready.

Noticing that...Judah went all day without nursing today. I'm ready for that too. No, I'm not. Yes, I am. No, I'm not.

One of my favorite things...TJ's new toothbrush and the joy it brings him :) It's bright orange and green with a suction cup on the end of it...OH! The Place That Toothbrush Has Been Today!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...The Library and maybe the grocery tomorrow. And Korinne has Ballet. And it's Family Movie Night. Remember the Titans (last week was Dawn Treader, HOW DISAPPOINTING!). And Brian's Homemade Popcorn.