Monday, May 2, 2011

children's book monday: miss lina's ballerinas

Miss Lina has eight little ballerinas in her cozy white house in Messina. Christina, Edwina, Sabrina, Justina, Katrina, Bettina, Marina, and Nina. In four lines of two, they dance...doing math, while reading, into bed, at the park, at the zoo, and at the beach.

plie' . releve' . pirouette . jete' .

But when a new ballerina, Regina, is added to the group...the girls are unable to twirl in their well-loved four lines of two, and 'befuddlement' follows. When Miss Lina kindly shares with her ballerinas how nice it will be in three rows of three...order returns, and dance practice continues until it's perfect! (all the number regrouping makes it a perfect living math book)

Just look at those illustrations in perfectly beautiful pastel (pink!) colored pencil! I love the ones of the sweet granny piano player and her cute, little tabby cat (sure beats a CD player...ahhh, to go to dance class pre-technology)! And the story itself is simple, rhyming, and so much girly-twirly fun! P.S. The reviews are right, we immediately thought of Madeline!

We bought this book for our Big Girl Ballerinas, and we all love it, and we're sure your Little Ballerina will love it too!

***speaking of's Trump de la Lumiere week! Saturday night is THE big night! Pirates, and Spirits, and Smugglers, and swords, and bandannas (NO buns!), and black tights...our first NON-traditional ballet, oh my!***

:: Happy Reading and Twirling and Pirate-ing! ::