Saturday, May 7, 2011

~right now

my baby is making "vroom, vroom!" noises with his cars at the bottom of the stairs (a little too loudly)

my toddler is napping in his bed (without his blankie...with BBQ chip dust on his face)

my 4 yr old is listening to my 6 yr old read Biscuit to him

my 8 yr old is drawing baseball players

my youngest daughter just came in excited, thinking she hears the baby birds

my teenager is putting make up on, as she gets ready to lead her little class in their Spring Recital

my husband is talking politics with my father (yikes!)

my mother (who just had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago) is sound asleep in my daughters' room

...i just got on the computer to write a lovely Mother's Day post...but i think i'll go join my family instead.

:: Happy Mother's Day Weekend! ::